Pre-Listen & Choose

To help you make a choice, you can preview our demo sets beforehand. On the basis of a multi-track you can compose a mix and hear how the different monitorsets react.


Measuring hearing protection or custom In ear monitors (IEM)

Before any custom made ear can be produced, prints must be made from the inside of the ear.
This does not hurt! After a short inspection of the ear canal, a small cotton wool/schuimpje is applied to ensure that the collection material is not unnecessarily deep and the eardrum is also protected.

After this, a soft chewing gum-like substance is sprayed on a silicone basis in the ear canal. This substance dries into a perfect casting of the ear canal in minutes.


The measurement of CINEPAQ Proteq or CINEPAQ IEM at our office in Hoogvliet is free of charge.
Simply schedule an appointment below.
If you prefer to schedule an appointment outside of the available times, please contact us by phone or e-mail.



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